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Danielle & Mark

Mark and Danielle are really cool people. They met online and connected over a mutual passion for fitness, adventure, and the outdoors (#adventurepartnersforlife). And it was that mutual passion that became a theme for their entire wedding. They live in California, but fell in love with Columbia River Gorge area, so they decided on a destination wedding. They rented a gorgeous house in Hood River, nestled amidst a pear orchard, that allowed their entire family to stay together the week before the wedding. And they drove all the way here in “Buddy the Rialta”, their trusty Winnebago. In fact, Buddy became their logo for the wedding and he was emblazoned on everything from the awesome custom drinking glasses made for each guest, to the Winnebago bumper stickers, to the custom Rialto charms on the boutonnieres. Mark even purchased a laser etcher and designed custom signage for the entire wedding site (which of course was all laid out in AutoCAD). I loved the personalized details that they created… like the gorgeous boxes that they made filled with succulents and signs with the names of the various places they’ve adventured to together! I loved that they had a toast in the middle of the wedding ceremony, and that the bridal party all had a personalized flask to toast with. I love that they chose Solstice Wood Fired Pizza to cater the event, and had them make smores for dessert instead of having a fancy cake! I love that the bride gave the bridesmaids hot pink leather fanny packs for a gift! And most of all, I loved that so many people traveled far and wide and filled that place with love for an amazing couple. It was such a great party. And even though it rained right up to when we had to go outside to take photos, and then rained again right before the ceremony, the weather cleared up when it needed to and a rainbow came out to shine upon their special day. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Congratulations you guys! I couldn’t be happier for you two and it really was an honor to get to hang out with you and your amazing friends and family on your special day!

June 30, 2016 Comments (0) River Song Country Chateau

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