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Albums & Prints

There is no better way to archive your wedding memories for future generations then a Powers Studios album or professional print.  Our wedding photography packages often include wedding and parent albums along with a collection of archival prints but we also offer these products individually.

Please explore a few print and album packages below. Contact us for information about custom album and print options.

Wedding Album Package

The Powers wedding album package includes a 24-page wedding album and all needed prints. We only offer extremely high and wedding albums made with archival materials. This package gives you the option of selecting any album you wish from large wedding album library. Our wedding album package also puts you in full control of the album cover materials including additional custom features at no additional cost.

Family Album Package

Most of our customers choose the family album package option. This package includes the wedding album noted above along with two slightly smaller parent albums. These parent albums can be designed uniquely for each family or simply copies of the main wedding album. Just like the wedding album you have full control over cover materials including custom options at no additional charge.

Print Add-on Package

Our print package includes a credit of $1500 to use on any paper and canvas reprints. You can also share this credit among family members and friends.

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