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A Wedding Photographer’s Story

I remember the moment I decided to become a wedding photographer, I was in my first year as a business student at Santa Clara University. It was early afternoon on a beautiful spring day and I relaxing on the lawn behind the Santa Clara Mission church watching a wedding couple with their photographer. At that time I was an avid landscape photographer and spent a good part of my free time traveling all over California taking pictures. It wasn’t  until that moment however that I knew how I wanted use the camera to make my mark.

I quickly realized that many of my personal goals could be met by pursuing wedding photography as a career. I could use my camera to make a measurable difference in the lives of others and work to create something that my clients and their families would cherish for generations. I could travel the world, meet interesting people, tread lightly on the environment and make a difference… now that’s what I call a great job!

I photographed my first wedding shortly thereafter and the rest is history. Now, 18 years later I’m proud to be a Northwest photographer and part of this world class wedding photography company and to have the opportunity to work with a team of top wedding photographers each day.

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Ben Powers Founder / Photographer

Meet The Founders & Office Team

  • Ben Powers


    Ben Powers started Powers Photography Studios in San Francisco in October of 1995.  Powers has since grown to become one of the most popular wedding photography companies in the United States.

  • Laurel Powers


    Ben and I met at a wedding very early on in his career. I was attending as a guest – he was the photographer.  At the time I was also starting my photography business.  Ben was from Portland and I was from Southern California, but we stayed in touch and soon I was on my way to Oregon.

    We married a few years at Ben’s childhood home and worked side by side for years, building Powers into the company it is today.  I still photograph dozens of weddings a year, many outside of Oregon and love it more than ever!

  • Tatum Smith

    Sales Manager

    As a Portland native I feel so proud to say that my city has truly inspired me to find my passion for photography. Since the moment I picked up a camera at the early age of 10 I was home. Today, my home is behind the camera, connecting with my subjects and striving to bring out their inner soul and beauty.

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