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Katie & Nick

Dude. This wedding was one for the ages. Their engagement session was a great precursor to what awesomeness awaited me. Even though, I wasn’t really prepared for this. Now that I’m sitting here thinking about the wedding, a certain song comes to mind and I quote, “Is this real life or is this fantasy”. I know I’m gushing but it was a lot of fun. Fun people are kind of like a powdered donut. In the onset, the powder is uniform and is sitting nicely on top of the donut delivery device but when you really try to interact with the donut, poooooffffff the powder spreads everywhere and all of a sudden, your shirt, pants, shoes, socks, beard, eyebrows, ear lobes and even your expanding receding hairline is joining in on the fun. That’s how I would describe Katie and Nick….it’s always a party when they’re around. It also helps that when they get together it’s like Wonder Twins activate of fun. The fun quotient goes up by 1.21 jiggawatts. I started out the day with the guys. Now…with the guys you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s like Animal House, others it’s like CSPAN…and then you get kind of something that you don’t really know what you have. So I walk into the room and there’s Nick and Anthony and everything is pretty relaxed and non eventful. A little later on, Nick left and it’s now me and Anthony and Nick’s cousin Doug who was walking around the hotel without his game blouse on. The fun level goes up from there as Matt and Tony and other Matt shows up. Nick’s parents show up, then Katie’s parents…people laughing, picking out socks, a couple of near cries and I’m out to go hang with the girls. It was like a slowing moving avalanche of activity. Entering into the women’s suite it’s like the same thing. It’s kind of quiet and just relaxed. Melanie is steaming the dress, people are just kind of hanging out. Then Tony arrives and Nick’s parents get there, then Katies…..then Melanie is sewing stuff and steaming stuff and Katie’s dad and mom are helping her with her dress cause there’s a hook broken, then a wrist thing then some hugs and near tears then boom, off to the limo. We decided to do the first look at Director’s Park and the weather forecast was of course wrong, it was perfect. Thunder and Lighting wouldn’t dare. An ongoing theme I discovered was that there’s a lot of happy tears and happy laughs with these two. As Katie was walking up to Nick, she started crying, then started laughing, then an awesome combination of both. They came, they saw each other, they laughed. I can neither confirm nor deny that a bee murder happened but that’s neither here nor there. We continued on to the park blocks by the art museum. There we took some group photos and was also privy to a comedy show by one of Portland’s roaming characters. Let’s fast forward a bit and just hit up some key points of greatness here. To add some flare to the occasion, Katie took a couple extra moments, to build momentum, before entering the ceremony. Again with the laughing and the crying and the combo of LaCrying. Katie’s maid of honor Katie and the rest of the bridesmaids decided that some rocking out needed to happen and oh, it did happen. They took the crowd on a journey of believing and how to never stop never stopping. The dance floor was never empty. The songs never stopped. The laughter never got quieter. The air guitaring never got……less airy? All in all…this was such a fun wedding with an equally fun group of cats. In the words of Kath…..er Katie the bridesmaid….”Don’t stop the lovin’ Mr. and Mrs Gaaattttttoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Wedding at West End Ballroom

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