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Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding photography is a highly creative process.  The best wedding photography outcomes always result from careful planning and teamwork! We know what it takes to produce amazing wedding photographs.  The following wedding photography checklist is a tool that will help you get the most from your wedding photography experience.

We’re in love with weddings: Ever been to a wedding where the photographer was just not fun to be around? We have. There is a big difference between a photographer who shoots a wedding from time to time and a wedding photographer. We chose to mainly photograph weddings because we love it! We love the challenge, the people, the lifestyle… but most of all we love creating a beautiful collection of images that will instantly become one of your most cherished belongings!

Our team of wedding experts: Imagine researching more than 100 photographers before selecting the best one for your wedding day. That is what we did when hand selecting our small team. We know what questions to ask and how to find people that are truly in love with wedding photography. Incredible camera ability is certainly important, but we insist on working with people who truly put your needs first.

The RAW file format & full frame cameras: Do you know the difference between the RAW and JPG file formats? Do you understand bit-depth? If you are shopping for wedding photography and care about quality you should! Our photographers shoot using a high bit-depth RAW format and using only modern, top tier full frame cameras (these cameras are the best of the best). This type of shooting is frankly the only way to get the type of images you see on our website.

Below are a few sample images shot both JPG, on the left, and RAW, on the right. Can you see the difference?

Individual image editing: We individually edit each of your wedding photographs. Most photographers are not as skilled in editing as they are in shooting,  which is why we have a dedicated editor that focuses on creating beautiful images with your style preferences in mind.

Own your images: You and your family own the copyrights to the images we capture and edit. This gives you the ability to share the work easily and make your own prints and albums.

Your album & prints: Our albums are sold just over cost. Many wedding photography studios earn the majority of their profit by keeping the image count low and the editing basic and then selling you albums and prints. We feel that your photography investment is best spent on the things that make your images great and not on the ‘stuff’ that comes after the wedding.

Our online conversation: We believe that who we are is just as important as what we do. Please visit our Facebook Page and jump into the conversation!

What our clients have to say: Please read over the testimonials section of our website and see what our clients have to say about us!

When we first meet with you we will ask lots of questions. Our goal is to learn as much as we can about you and your wedding day goals. This is also the best time for you to learn about us! Take some time to look over our site and formulate your own list of questions. This meeting is laid back and fun – no pressure. If you can’t make it into our office, or live out of the area, please consider setting up a phone meeting instead. All of the info that we would go over in person is also on our website; it is very easy to cover things over the phone. Please click on the links below and explore our body of work – enjoy!

A big part of choosing your photographer is loving the style range of their work! We think it is very important to first love the look and feel that your photographer can provide and then get to know the photographer on a personal level. Remember, you only spend a year working with your photographer but their work will be part of your family for centuries!

At this point your only focus should be on what style of photography really excites you. In 2000 we invented a new way to discover your photography style. While it’s not romantic, this statisticsbased system is epic at successfully pairing our talented shooting team with the right couple. You can read over our client testimonials to hear firsthand how great Powers couples feel about their wedding photographer match!

OK, now it’s time to learn your photography style! This is an easy process that should be completed quickly. Don’t over think things… just go with your gut and you’ll do great!

  • Your Info

  • What you LOVE and what you DON'T

    ​When you’re ready, quickly look at each image montage, one at a time, and enter 5 that you absolutely LOVE and 5 that you don't below.

    Launch styles montage

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Your photographer will be connected directly to you once your date is secured and the style surveys have been completed.  Meeting with your photographer in person, on the phone, or via skype is the next step! — many couples enjoy meeting for coffee or happy hour!

Since you are already matched by style to your photographer, this first meeting is focused on getting to know one another and start planning more details for the big day!

As you work with us there are a few times when we’ll ask for your feedback. Please complete the pre- wedding survey and shooting and editing survey sometime between now and your wedding day. We’d also love to get a “shot list” from you just to be certain we capture everything you’re looking for. This is a list of family group combinations as well as your “must have” photos of the two of you, your wedding party and so on.

Final planning meeting: Now that your wedding day is getting closer it’s time to set up a final meeting with your photographer. Try to set this up within a month of your wedding and be sure to confirm the final wedding day shot list and timeline. Remember, you can do this meeting in person or over the phone/skype!

Your photography balance: The balance is due by 30 days before the wedding. You can submit payment via check or card (there is a 3% credit card fee).  We will use the card on file if we don’t receive a check 30 days before your day or earlier.  You can mail checks to:

PO BOX 916, Carlton, Or 97111

Now that you’ve made it to your wedding day let us be the first to congratulate you. Remember to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!

We deliver your edited high resolution images: Shortly after your wedding we’ll send you a download link to your edited images!

Next, it’s time for us to meet up and discuss your post wedding options! During this meeting we’ll talk about your images, albums and other options available to you.

Use the login box below to log into your wedding day images and share them with others!

All wedding photography clients enjoy a free Powers Family membership for life. Use this membership to save 20% on all Powers Family shoots. Contact us today to set up a session or get involved in any of our many location day shoot events.

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