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What Happens in Vegas……

Destination weddings are great. When your destination is Vegas…well, ladies and gentleman that is turbo great. The glitz and glamor of this little big town in the middle of the desert has long attracted couples ready to take the big leap in a big way. Jaime and CJ met in Las Vegas, both celebrating their 21st birthdays, exactly 7 years from their wedding date. Meeting with Jaime and CJ, I was definitely excited to take on this photo adventure. I arrived the day before and walking out the door of the airport, Las Vegas hit me abruptly. Considering it was fifty degrees in Portland and ninety in las Vegas, that was to be expected. After picking up the rental car, which another person unwittingly stole but returned, I went to work. Scouting locations (after stopping at In N’ Out Burger) and taking in the sun. The couple and I had an impromptu meeting at a slot machine and the excitement ratcheted up. The day of was perfect. It cooled down a little with clear skies. We were picked up by the bus the couple rented and we were off. This wedding day was so Vegas and continued on long into the night.

May 5, 2010 Comments (0) Destination Weddings

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