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Dustin and Jennie – Engagement Session

Here in the Northwest, one comes to expect rainy weather. Moving here almost 15 years ago it was hard to get used to the Spring weather here. I’ve done one Engagement Session where it was sunny,hailed, rained, snowed, sunny, hail. Dustin and Jennie’s session wasn’t that extreme but it was definitely a soggy one. We started out at the West End Theater to wait out the rain then crossed our fingers and headed out into the fray. We decided to do the session at Forest Park. On our way over, we couldn’t help but notice the ominous clouds overhead taunting us with their rain filled puffs of darkness. Miraculously, the skies opened up and we started off with blue skies and radiant sunshine. We had a good time walking along a running path, stopping to take advantage of the surroundings. At one point, Dustin decided that it would be a good idea to pick up Jennie in his arms and stand on a log in the middle of a stream. My motto, “If you are willing to do it, I’m willing to shoot it”. Walking back towards the parking lot, the glutinous clouds above could no longer hold it’s wet cargo and it starting raining like crazy. Not willing to admit defeat we took refuge under a bridge and I decided to shoot a couple more shots. Although wet, it was an awesome session.

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