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Janne & Erwin

I love cultural weddings. I do, I love them. They are so colorful and powerful. A change of pace for sure but I look forward to them. I’ve been looking forward to Janne and Erwin’s wedding for a while. It was going to be a long day but I was ready. I think the cool thing is the investment that the guests make to the day. They are there for the ceremony in the morning which usually starts at about 7am and party until the end which usually ends at about 11pm. Multiple clothes changes, multiple ceremonies, multiple parties. It’s a whole day celebration and it’s fan-freakin-tastic. As the norm, we started at Janne’s house in the morning. Erwin and his constituents were making their way, getting ready to present themselves to Janne’s family and to ask for entry. Of course Erwin gets inside and the ceremony begins. After the reception, we made our way to Portland to have Erwin’s Tea Ceremony in Lake Oswego. After that reception, we make our way to the grand finale at the Foundry at Oswego Point. No rain is going to dampen the mood so when good ol’ Oregon sunshine made it’s appearance…we all just kept rolling along. After the beautiful ceremony, we had yet another reception. This one however was DJ’d by the one and only DJ Paradox. If you are in the know, then you know he laid it down. The reception was epic. I love the detail in the reception and the ceremony. Totoro made an appearance everywhere and it was really cool to find little hints of them every where. It was almost like a scavenger hunt. What sums up a day of partying perfectly? A sparkler exit was only appropriate to send off Erwin and Janne. Congrats to Erwin and Janne catching the Cat-Bus and venturing off to their new magical life together.

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Wedding at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe

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