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How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Playlist!

Are you ready to turn your wedding into an unforgettable night to remember? How about the party of the century? Then you need to rock it on your wedding playlist. Thanks to Chad Dowling we have all the answers for you!

Why should couples book a DJ for their wedding?

Bands are great. Live entertainment can get the crowd excited & create a fun vibe, but a professional DJ, with a huge variety of music on hand, can really create the ultimate wedding day soundtrack. From ceremony seating music to the last farewell of the bride and groom.

Other benefits of hiring a DJ … We are mobile! We can set up just about anywhere. Many DJ’s will have multiple systems for multiple locations, which gives the client an opportunity to really enjoy their venue. Our small portable sound systems are perfect for that Ceremony out at the “ol’ Oak Tree” followed by cocktail hour on the patio.  And our Pro Audio Sound System is ideal for dinner and dancing in the ballroom. Mobile DJ’s can create absolute magic!

When should couples start creating their wedding playlist?

Start right now! Make notes whenever you listen to music. Think about when the two of you first met. Odds are, music played a part while you were dating. Cash in on those musical memories. Music is like time travel. It can take you back to a certain moment in time, create emotion, and stimulate feelings that will help create that perfect, personalized atmosphere.

Try to get a feel for what your family and friends will enjoy throughout the evening. It’s good to mix it up.

I definitely encourage a “Do Not Play List” if you are concerned about songs that don’t fit your vision for the day. Communicate with your DJ and let them know. We want to hear your concerns.

How many songs should couples provide you with?

Over the course of a 6-hour event, your DJ will play about 100 songs. On average, 15 songs per hour.  Providing 50 song choices is plenty. This will give your DJ flexibility to read your dance floor & input songs as well as take music requests.

Categorize your lists…

  • Cocktail Hour – Fun & Festive! (Show off your music style/create a cool vibe)

  • Dinner – Soft Romantic feel. Soft Classic Jazz/ Acoustic Guitar/Love Songs

  • Dancing – Variety is the spice of life!

Do you help couples choose what music to play? 

Absolutely! I am always happy to sit down & help my clients pick the music they would like played and help create the soundtrack to their special day. Take advantage of my huge music collection as well as my expertise in finding just the right song for just the right moment.

What do you recommend for a “first dance” song?

First off, I recommend something personal. Something that you both really like.

Ask yourself this:

  • What kind of vibe would you like? (Vintage, Upbeat, slow and romantic, perhaps a song for your dance routine you have been practicing)

  • How long do you want to be out on the dance floor?

For First Dance Song Ideas and more, check out my incredible list of song suggestions on my website: LINK

How many hours do you recommend couples book a DJ?

5 to 6 hours seems to be the average for most weddings. I offer a 6-hour package that encompasses Ceremony, Cocktail, & Dancing. Plus gives you room just in case your Party goes longer into the night.

What type of music should you play to get “non-dancing”: guest to join the party?

As one of Northwest’s most popular DJ entertainers, finding the right songs that appease the young and old can still be quite challenging. Sometimes it takes some DJ- crowd interaction to “break the ice” with the “non-dancing” guests.

Group dances can help such as

Family Dance

Anniversary Dance

Sing -a- longs

Keeping it familiar. As a group, you want your entire party out on the dance floor, and finding songs that your audience knows is important. Songs that are tried and true.

Here is a list of my Top 200 Most Requested: LINK

What “line dancing songs” do you recommend?

Cupid Shuffle

The Wobble

Cha Cha Slide

Classics like: The Electric Slide, Macarena, Cotton Eye Joe

How many “slow songs” do you recommend playing?

On average 6 to 7 slow dances throughout the dancing portion of the evening. Slow songs give your guests a chance to catch their breath, grab a drink, and dance with that special someone. 

Is there a specific genre of music you recommend?

Think about your audience and their age groups. Ask your friends and family the kinds of music they would like to dance too. Encourage some requests. I recommend a variety of music for all ages to enjoy the first hour. Keep it family friendly and popular. As the evening progresses, then start to move into new tunes and the wilder music mix of the party.

Important thing is to keep it “danceable”. Ask yourself…Is it a slow song or a fast song? Will this put my audience to sleep?

Should couples pick a “finale song”? If so what do you recommend?

The climactic conclusion to a fabulous night! The last song before your guests see you off and make their way home.

I definitely think couples should choose a “finale song”. How would you like to end the evening? On a romantic note, or epic dance party? You choose how you would like to end the night. Here is a popular list of great song ideas for your “Epic Finale”  LINK

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