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Hannah & Hussein at Ainsworth House

Labor day weekend is one of the busiest and most beautiful wedding weekends of the year, and for wedding photographers it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Enter Hannah and Hussein. The kindest, smiley-est, most genuine, and most photogenic people imaginable. From the beginning, I knew that these people were going to make a big impression on me, and I was right. I smiled, laughed, and even cried with them all day long. From the Indian details like Hannah’s beautiful henna, to the Arabic club hit’s Hussein’s family played at the reception, this wedding was such a lovely coming-together of people of different cultures, backgrounds and religions. They even had their lovely old pooch there with a bow-tie on! I’m not kidding when I say I wish they would get married a few times a year so that I could do this again and again!



September 21, 2018 Comments (0) Ainsworth House & Gardens

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