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Brenda & Robb

Today. Today was ridiculous. I woke up at 6am after going to bed at 2am and drove for 3 hours. You would think that I would be to tired to write this but I’m so pumped by what happened today. Brenda and Robb had a ridiculously awesome wedding day. Stepping out of the car after following an RV for 2 hours was refreshing. Even though bones and muscles ached and popped due to old age it was still good being welcomed to sisters by the sight of Five Pine Lodge. Quaint cabins, stone work and even a little creek going through the property. What else do you need? Now, if you at home reading this answered something like the Millennium Falcon or Grumpy Cat….you’d be wrong. The answer to my question is nothing so quit lying to yourself. I digress. I first caught up with Brenda who was getting ready in one of the lodges perfectly quaint cabins. I could tell Brenda was giddy. Having a close friend help her with the dress, it was almost time for the first look. Running back to where Robb was getting ready at, I met his sister who was a hoot. After some sibling chiding and joking and hugging and laughing, we managed to grab some frames of Robb. Then it was go time. Setting up Robb in this little oasis of green in the middle of the Eastern Oregon high desert I waited for Brenda to make her way down to him along this simple gravel path. You could see the explosion of happiness all over Robb’s face as he turned around to see Brenda. Their happiness was a great thing to see. If I was into that kind of thing, I would say that their Shakra was beaming. I’m not so I’ll just say that they were beaming, color of aura is unknown. We grabbed some photos of them taking in the lush grounds then moved on to a couple other spots along this beautiful property. Guests started to arrive so the couple checked out for a bit as the ceremony site started to fill up. Details, details, details. I had a blast trying to find all the little details around to photograph. You know, I use Pinterest for business research only of course. I’ve seen the way Brenda had the flowers on the aisle on the site before. I’ve never seen it in real life. The flower design was awesome. After the ceremony it was time to party. So much laughter filled the room. The speeches were great and you can tell that the couple were well loved by their friends and family. Congrats to Brenda and Robb!

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