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Anna and Guy at The West End Ballroom

Guy had planned on proposing to Anna on her birthday on a romantic hike, but Anna was feeling under the weather, and they ended up staying home. He thought about putting the ring on her birthday cake but she didn’t want any. He resorted to hiding the ring in a box of chocolate. Upon opening the box, Anna immediately offered some to Guy without examining the content. Guy asked Anna to take a look at the box again. She did and he got on his knees and popped the question! A year later, these two lovely people tied the knot at the historic West End Ballroom. They celebrated the big day with loving family and friends. Guy’s uncles and aunts were visiting from the midwest and east coast and all the way from Japan. The newlyweds looked truly happy and I wish them the best!


June 14, 2018 Comments (0) West End Ballroom

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