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Andrea & Robert { Vintage Plaza Hotel }

Sometimes and event that happens towards the end explains what has happened in the beginning. I think Bobby’s toast/roast of Robert was one of the funniest best man speeches I’ve ever heard. You could tell it was all done with a good heart as Bobby was officially welcoming Robert into his family as he was marrying Andrea, Bobby’s sister. Let’s set the scene. Schizo weather patterns on a wedding Saturday in June. The wedding is to be held in the beautiful wine cellar of Pazzo’s and the reception is in the Vintage Plaza. This location fit the couple perfectly. It was classic and intimate and it fit Robert and Andrea to a tee. One of the things I noticed was how everyone was so comfortable with each other. Everybody was joking and laughing and I knew it was going to be a great day. We started off with the first look in front of the Treasury down the street from the hotel. One minute it was sunny and beautiful and the next I was running down the block dodging liquid bullets as if the heavens were having a celestial water balloon fight. As Andrea hoped into the car to meet up with Robert, the skies decided to pause the water works and the sun came out again to shine on the moment were Robert and Andrea were to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was glorious…as Roberts smile outshined the skies as he saw his beautiful bride. Walking down the street back to the hotel, the sun came out in full force to light their path. After photos with the family, it was time for the ceremony. Aptly, Robert had some Beatles playing “All You Need is Love” in the background as we were getting ready for the big moment. The ceremony was as easy going as the couple having some comedic moments where a knife was required to cut the rings from the grip of the ring pillow. Much thanks to Seth for always being prepared. More photos ensued, then we were off to the reception. Then we get to the speeches and Bobby’s epic toast. Christy’s, Robert’s sister, speech followed and was endearing and heartfelt. You could feel the love in the room as everyone was having a great time celebrating the couple and their new life together. Congratulations to Robert, Andrea and Vanessa on your new beginnings with an old love. Thanks for putting up with my crazy ideas and playing real life frogger on Broadway and thanks to Bobby for making me laugh and helping me direct traffic. Salud!

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  1. Rosileni says:

    Susan Torbitt – I’m in NJ, you are in Oregon. Bittersweet visit here to lay Dad to rest while reconnecting with some fiednrs/family I haven’t seen in 15+ years. Have a great time and tell your bro I wish him a lifetime of happiness. Xo Sue

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