Weddings and Golf, they go hand and hand. | Powers Photography Studios MENU

Weddings and Golf, they go hand and hand.

Anita and Heath love each other. Anita and Heath love Golf. Why not have a wedding where both can be displayed for all to see? That’s exactly what they did. I traveled out to The Sandtrap, a McMenamins location out in Gearhart. We game planned to take advantage of three places, the golf course, the beach and the Sandtrap itself. It’s fun to check out all the McMenamins properties. They are all so unique and all have great stories behind them. The joke of the evening was the fact that it took so long to get to this place in their lives. Anita simply said that she was picky and had to wait for the perfect guy for her and that was Heath. After the ceremony we decided to go to the beach to get some shots. Driving down the slight slope of doom to the sand, I decided not to test the off-road capabilities of the Prius and backed up conceding this battle to the beach. While shooting, two other vehicles were not so lucky and got stuck side by side right at the mouth of the entrance. It took some maneuvering and guts to get by them but Anita wielded her Subaru like a well oiled machine that it was and we got past them with no problem. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Heath and Anita and wish them the best of luck and the best of love in their marriage.

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