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Meghan & Zoee

Perfect weather? Check!
Amazing view? Check!
Alpine slides & chairlifts? Check, check!
Amazing & beautiful couple? You’re darn toot’n :-)

Zoee & Meghan are just an incredible couple & their friends are amazing!
Their wedding at Mt. Hood Skibowl was so fun and I’m so glad to have been a part of it.

From the couple:

“A friend of mine who works as a wedding photographer says that the hardest part is that you do a million of them, and you have to act like this one is special. Well, if he was acting, he didn’t show it. He was great, always smiling, and genuinely seemed to be having a good time! We felt like we had an old friend as our photographer.
Climbing through the woods… riding a chairlift… so many times.”

Wedding at Mt. Hood Skibowl

August 22, 2014 Comments (0) Mt. Hood Skibowl

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