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Marisa & Tyler {Zenith Vineyards}

Marisa and Tyler chose the beautiful Zenith Vineyards for their wedding celebrations! The early morning cloud cover slowly dispersed to warm sunshine for their event. It was a beautiful day celebrating with family and friends alike. Congratulations on a wonderful day and have a great honeymoon in Hawaii ;)


From the couple:

We loved Marc! He was fun and quick and allowed us to take all the pictures that we wanted in the alloted time. I would recommend him to others getting married. For our engagement shoot, which was quite a ways before our wedding, he drove to mt. hood and met us. We were able to take pictures in beautiful scenery. Also on the day of our wedding he blended seamlessly into the background and was a great director when need be. I really appreciated all his hard work.

July 27, 2011 Comments (0) Zenith Vineyard

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