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Mallory & Tyler {The Westend Ballroom}

Pure unadulterated joy is the words I would use to describe the nuptials between Mallory and Tyler. The first time I met them, I knew we had something special brewing. I loved the way they played off of each other during our meeting. It went kind of like this: Mallory – Witty comment, Tyler – laughter, laughter, equally witty comment, Mallory – laughter, comment, laughter, witty comment, Tyler – comment, witty comment, laughter, Me – laughter, laughter, pause, laughter. It was great and I also found it interesting the way that Mallory and Tyler tried to convey how they wanted their wedding photographs to feel. Instead of showing me photos from a magazine or pinterest, they showed me a photo book from one of their favorite photographers. The genre of the book was more editorial but we were communicating on a totally different level that I was used too. Awesome. Let’s fast forward a couple of months. It was no secret that this last winter in the Northwest kind of sucked. It was rainy and cold and we just had a spring snowmageddonish storm roll through. The wedding day though, it was perfect. A little break from the liquid sunshine we were so used to seeing. It was bright and warm and I was so happy that this was what Tyler and Mallory were going to get. They deserved this day. The wedding was to be held at the West End Ballroom and the venue fit Mallory and Tyler to a tee. It was vintage and classical and the downstairs ballroom, being newly redone, was the perfect place to get this party started. The ceremony was awesome. Tyler kind of winged his vows but they were great, straight from the heart. It received tears, laughter and ruckus applause. Mallory was right there with him though, receiving the same kind of fanfare. Weddings are often very serious affairs kind of like golf. People lightly clapping as the bride and groom leave the chapel. This was not such an affair. People were cheering when they were pronounced husband and wife. I could have sworn I saw some high fives and a chest bump in the crowd. The table décor was expertly arranged with the finishing touch being bibs with Tyler and Mallory’s cartoon face printed on them. How appropriate it was. Dinner was followed by the couple’s first dance and father daughter boogie down. Their soundtrack was expertly crafted by DJ Paradox. Any person that can mix in Softcell and House of Pain gets a scratch and sniff excellent sticker in my book. In between laughter, witty comments, and just pure getting down, we took some simply awesome photographs. Some that included going to bask amongst the Cherry Blossoms. Alas, the music was winding down and the guests were lined up to send these two crazed love birds off. I can’t say I was glad to see them go, I still wanted to take some photos because it was so much fun. Congratulations Mallory and Tyler, you guys got what you deserved!

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