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Lisa & Scott

Lots of fun and great moments at Scott and Lisa’s wedding. They love the outdoors and nature, and it was wonderful to see that theme come through in all the details.

You know you are in good company when there are large cardboard tree cutouts on hand for guests to pose in. ”I wonder what the tree props with the holes for faces are for?” I thought when I first arrived. ”People, will take shots posing in them to be part of the ’Family Tree’,” someone explained to me. Of course! Hey, passers by may have arched an eyebrow, but I tell you those tree props were an absolute hit. It was awesome.

They also had one of the coolest first dances I’ve seen at a wedding. It took weeks of rehearsing and practice — and all the time investment showed, it looked great. Guests were wow’d.

They both enjoy fly fishing. Given this, one of their cake table decorations was bride figurine having hooked and reeling in the groom. Classic.

What really made my day was seeing Scott and Lisa enjoying their time with friends and family. They took the time to spend time with everyone, and not just in the receiving line. Seeing that extra care for those who came out for their wedding was inspiring. Congratulations again Scott and Lisa!

March 20, 2012 Comments (0) Mountain Park Recreation Center

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