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Kyle & Lindsey { The Abernethy Center }

Lindsey and Kyle, I’m short for words. Your wedding was exquisite and you were both so stunning. You have both endured such an incredible journey over the past year. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful and you could not have chosen a more perfect day or more enchanting venue in the Veiled Garden at Abernethy Center. I adore your inclusiveness and family connection, honoring your grandparents and bringing in such fun details such as your grandpa’s old car, which must have made everyone involved feel so special. Not to mention it was a blast watching you drive away in that thing… headlights or no headlights! Your love for each other, your passion for life, your inspirational optimism and your incredible strength, including that of your entire family, touched me deeply. Luckily I had my camera to hide behind, because I was tearing up as soon as Bailey started walking down the isle. I’m sure it doesn’t happen often that the wedding photographer is crying along with the entire family. Thank you so much for including me in such an incredible and intimate time in your lives. You have inspired me and those around you deeply and have conquered life with flying colors.

From the couple :-)

Powers has been great!  Because we had to postpone our wedding we were setup with 2 photographers. First it was Sheldon. He was great to work with. Briena was our actual photographer and she was great also. She was very organized. She was very sweet and we enjoyed working with her. She made sure to get details of exactly what we were looking for in our photos. She also said many kind words in her emails before and after the wedding. She was very genuine and her comments were heart felt and meant a lot. That really showed she cared about us as a couple.

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