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Kristi & Troy {Vista Hills Vineyard}

This was just a completely sweet and awesome affair. Vista Hills is one of my favorite venues. It’s intimate and has a beautiful view of the valley. On this particular Autumn wedding day, Vista Hills hit one out of the park. Troy and Kristi are awesome. If there were wedding jitters I didn’t see it…they were totally relaxed and were having a good time. Troy wanted to see Kristi for the first time walking down the aisle so after shooting some family formals separately, it was time for the big show. The smile on Troy’s face as he saw Kristi and her brother in law Matt walk across the top deck of the tree house was so big, it was almost like his mouth, eyes and eye brows were smiling simultaneously. After the ceremony we took advantage of the awesome sky and the surroundings. I’m a mans man…I watch sports, I listen to sports radio…I work on my own car and stuff but I have to admit…I dug Kristi’s shoes…they were pretty rockin. Event Team took care of the music expertly, like they always do. Instead of a sit down or buffet, Kristi and Troy (being foodies) decided to have food stations where their guests could get three totally different dishes. Wild Pear Catering handled it deliciously. The dancing was tremendous, Kristi’s nephew Jonathan was pretty stellar with his moves. I could go on and on… but I’m not. Double thumbs up + fist bumps + explosions and fireworks to Kristi and Troy!!

From the couple :-) :
Our experience with Powers was great. Erin was very responsive when we had questions and we appreciated the ‘selection’ process Powers does to select the photography based on our style.

Mike was great. He did an amazing job, had all the names memorized of the wedding party and family. He made everyone feel at ease and comfortable while he was shooting. During the ceremony and reception, I did not even know Mike was taking pictures but he was…very happy with him.

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