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Kate & Kyle at Gray Gables Estate

One of the most memorable highlights of Kate and Kyle‘s beautiful wedding day was during their ceremony as they were exchanging vows. The ceremony was nestled in a grove of trees, in front of a tranquil koi pond. It was an emotional moment.Kate and Kyle‘s eyes locked, Kyle‘s face was wet with tears. In the front row, their parents were crying as well. Take away the trappings of the modern wedding, the beautiful setting, makeup, awesome dancing etc. — what you have are two people in love, surrounded by their loved ones and celebrating their union. As a photographer, the emotional center, this bond between two glowing individuals, will always be my true north as an artist, documentarian, and professional. Kate and Kyle are so much fun to be around. We had such a great time at their engagement shoot in Hoyt Arboretum. Yes, the photos are romantic, but they also displayed delightful glimpses of how fun loving and goofy they are together. It was such a pleasure meeting the rest of the family, many of whom had traveled from out of state. Grey Gables provided the perfect setting for an early fall wedding. Congratulations once again Kate and Kyle!



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