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Kai & Molly { Hillside Gardens, Colorado Springs }

Molly and Kai chose some amazing locations for both their photos and their wedding. We met up at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s easy to see why it’s named that, a stunning background for wedding portraits. We headed to their wedding and reception for one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen all year. They have so much love for each other, and their loved ones that the smiles and tears of joy were plentiful that day. I was thrilled to be a part of their special day.

From the couple :-)

I was impressed with Powers from the beginning. The initial meeting was great and no travel fee was perfect. I liked how we looked through pictures and you matched the photographer with our style. Our photographer was perfect for us and I am so happy that was our match. She kept in contact with us throughout the year till our wedding. I like the rewards program. There were some things I was confused about but I would send an email to Erin and she would always email me back.

We showed up for pictures at the organized time and she was already at the location waiting for us. She was great at getting the pictures of the wedding party and couple before hand. Everything was organized and flowed. She had a fun dialogue that loosened everyone up. She got a variety of shots and moods. She made taking the photos fun. She was personal and was able to learn all of the wedding party names and joke around with us. At the ceremony I didn’t even notice her there but I know she was there taking pics. During the reception I saw her around taking candids here and there. Whenever there was an event she was always there ready to take a picture. She took us away for a few night photos that I think are going to be awesome. She is very friendly and worked with the videographer throughout the night. She stayed till the end to make sure she got the sparkler exit shot and the getaway car.

Also, my husband hates photos being taken of him but she was able to make him feel comfortable and enjoy the picture time. She was able to read him and react in a way that made it work. Having her as our photographer took a big weight off my shoulders as pictures were number one to me. I knew I could rely on her as she had displayed she is professional, personal, and skilled to get all the great shots. She checked out the photo shooting area first so she prepared. My mom and everyone else thought she was such a great and easy to get along with person. I can’t say enough great things about her as she went well above my expectations and made our wedding perfect.

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