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Jin & Sadie

Perfect sunny day for a wedding! Sadie looked gorgeous in her dress and Jin also looked awesome with his grey suit and brown shoes. In the afternoon the temperature was pretty high, but we did a quick photo shoot out in the street. The ceremony was at the Crystal Ballroom with a very classy decoration. Jin’s Mom is Japanesse and she wore a beautiful kimono, like his cousin Akiko who came from Tokyo to attend the wedding. In the middle of the reception a groomsmen told me that a group of firefighters would be coming by to say “Hi”. Did I tell you that Jin is a Portland Firefighter? Of course not! Well, we went outside and it was a pretty big crew with the best prop you can have for a firefighter: A real, big, full of blinking lights Fire Truck! That was very fun. Thank you guys and have a great trip to Spain and Morocco!

Wedding at The Benson Hotel

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September 28, 2014 Comments (0) Benson Hotel

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