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Jennifer & Uriah { Silcox Hut, Mt. Hood }

Jennifer and Uriah hauled a bunch of friends and family thousands of feet up Mt. Hood on a snowcat…just to get married! What a lucky bunch of friends and family they have. The Silcox Hut was the perfect intimate setting for them and the people closest to them. Sun shined, tears flowed, words were spoken and the sun set on a beautiful day with beautiful people.

From the couple :-)

Everything was wonderful! All questions were answered promptly and all the suggestions were laid out plainly. The website is really nice as well.

Sheldon was completely awesome. Throughout the day he was not only friendly but he also seemed to have a sixth sense for deciding when to pull people aside for shots. He never became intrusive – instead he felt like having an old friend there! So polite and kind.

Sheldon did whatever he needed to get that shot. He was amazing with the families and quite creative in his compositions. Nothing felt forced or unnatural. Plus, his sense of humor put everyone at ease.

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