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Jenn & Megan at Timberline Lodge

On a very snowy September, Saturday at Timberline Lodge Jenn and Megan held their wedding day. When I arrived it looked like the snowstorm wasn’t going to let up and our first look may have to be inside, but both Jenn and Megan wholeheartedly agreed that they did not care about how cold or snowy it was they would brace the weather in order to have their first look outside. From the moment the two of them surrendered to the weather and trusted all would be ok the weather literally started to clear, the blustery wind slowly stopped and eventually the sun appeared through the clouds. There is no doubt in my mind that the storm let up just for the two of them, because of their trust in one another and because no matter what they will be ok if they have one another. Getting to know the two of them and being apart of their journey from fiancés, to expecting Mothers to now newlyweds, has been more moving than I could ever express in words, what I can say is that I’m still in awe after so many years when I meet a couple that is truly in love and what moves me the most about Jenn and Megan is that just being in their presence for a short period of time you can see how deep their bond is and how incredibly in love they are. I feel so honored and blessed that I have been apart of witnessing and documenting lifelong memories they will be able to cherish forever. Cheers to Megan and Jenn, and your incredible love. xoxox

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