Jamie & Jeremiah at Oregon City Christian | Powers Photography Studios MENU

Jamie & Jeremiah at Oregon City Christian

“Baby, the sun is shinin’
Dogwoods are comin’ in bloom
Put on your white dress
Yeah ’cause, oh baby, it’s a good day for marrying you”
-Dave Barnes

I like Jamie and Jeremiah. I like them a whole lot. Then again, there were about 200 people gathered for their wedding who could say the same. They’re the kind of easy going, happy, fun people that make weddings feel effortless and joyful. I got so many photographs of these two smiling the kind of smiles that you can’t force or fake… the kind that come from genuinely kind hearts and genuine love. Thank you two for making my job fun (and for being so darn photogenic!)

July 13, 2019 Comments (0) Oregon City Christian

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