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James & Jennifer

As I have previously observed, James and Jennifer are giddy for each other. When shooting their engagement session their laughter was infectious as was their joy for each other. Another constant from that day to their wedding day is the temperature. The northwest isn’t known for its warm winters and the weather was par for the course. Even though the temperature might have been low I’m sure the pure excitement of seeing Jennifer for the first time kept his mind off the bitter cold. The ceremony was well crafted by an old friend of the groom. I had the privilege of working with Marc with Moving Pictures and everything went as planned. A host of characters added their two cents during the toasts and some information came to light. 1. James has aged gracefully. 2. James has been smitten with Jennifer probably since High School. 3. The Snowball Incident. The night progressed with ease and elegance which was very appropriate for James and Jennifer. The terms ”happy couple” is often used to describe newlyweds everywhere but for James and Jennifer, that title is wholly appropriate and deserved . A big congratulations to the Happy Couple!!

Wedding at The Tiffany Center | Click HERE View a 360º Virtual Tour of this venue

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