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Genessis and Michael

Genessis and Michael had an incredibly beautiful and poignant wedding day at Horning’s Hideout. Their ceremony was down in a forested gully, by a babbling brook, it’s exactly the setting they wanted, surrounded by the calm and peace of nature.

I greatly admire Genessis and Michael as a couple, they are strong together, fun loving yet incredibly grounded. Their faith is integral in their lives, and I feel such belief has deepened their relationship. The day was amazing and so much fun, there was a mariachi band and amazing food, friends and family visiting from afar. Genessis is a flight instructor, so throughout the day there were small planes flying high overhead because everyone from the airport knew she was getting married at Horning’s Hideout.

The day was so much fun, but to me my favorite moment was witnessing the two of them walk hand in hand down to the water after their first look and ceremonially wash one another’s feet. I do not attend church myself, but I was so struck by the beauty and profoundness of that act, the respect and admiration they showed for one another. It was a quiet moment. Genessis was seated in a wooden chair at the water’s edge. Michael knelt by her side, they bowed their heads to pray, the gentle flow of the water veiling what was uttered, keeping those words between them and God. Their prayer complete, Michael kissed her hand. That was my favorite shot of the day, and very likely one of the most touching moments I have witnessed in quite a while.

Congratulations Genessis and Michael, it was an honor and pleasure to be there for you and my very best wishes for the future!

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