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Eric & GG

This was absolutely one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended! Not only because the guests (of all ages ranging… from baby to grandparents) were so lively and full of energy, but because the bride and groom were absolutely the happiest couple imaginable! I can tell when a couple has a special kind of love… they omit a beautiful, magnetic energy that gives the whole party life. GG & Eric share that energy and that special love. Not to mention the wedding party was a blast! To top off a particularly wonderful wedding, the cake was one of the coolest I’ve ever seen… a mountain with mountaineer wedding toppers! You guys rock! A special mention to the mother of the groom who apparently mostly organized the entire event… you are an AMAZING wedding planner!! Congratulations to you all!

Wedding at Cedarville Park

May 30, 2013 Comments (0) Cedarville Park

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  1. Douglas Brininstool says:

    Beautiful pictures and great work. Thank you.
    Have to take offense to your commentary though…
    I know for a fact that my wife, Bambi, GG’s mother put in a ton of work and effort in defining and organizing and coordinating this event….

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