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Dexter & Melissa

Dexter and Melissa are the best pair. Well, let me correct that. Along with Echo, their dog, they are the best TRIO! ;) What a cute family they are. And what a fantastic wedding day it was. They were both so laid back and excited about getting married. Melissa chatted and said hi to the guests as she walked down the aisle, they played with their pup (and we got some pretty cute pics with him in his tuxedo too!, and best of all there was a lot of laughter. So happy to have been there!

Wedding at The West End Ballroom

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October 3, 2014 Comments (1) West End Ballroom

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  1. […] still hungry. That’s the risk with this type of party, but this crew made sure it went great! Powers Photography Studio was there and captured some great photos– even with the couples dog beforehand! […]

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