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Daphne & Tyler {Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course}

Had a great time shooting Daphne and Tyler’s wedding at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club. These two are so much fun. I’m so glad they took the time to go for some awesome star shots at the end of the evening. Also glad we didn’t get hit by the sprinklers that came on in the fairway at night! Congrats again on a wonderful wedding day, and also to Tyler for his bright new career as a firefighter!


From the couple:

Peter did such an amazing job, and completed our wedding experience! I would use Peter again and again!  He was paired perfectly for us, and made our wedding!  He was calm, and got everything done that was needed! He was the best!

During our hectic wedding day, Peter was one of the reasons we were both able to stay calm and collected.  He helped out so much, other than taking every picture we wanted!  He worked with us!  There was one point where we wanted to take photos out in the night so we could see the stars.  The sprinklers were going, and me being in my white dress did not want to deal with that whole situation.  Peter got them to turn the sprinklers off, came and got us when he was ready, and took the pictures we hired Powers for. He absolutely went above and beyond to make our wedding and wedding photos amazing! the entire powers experience was so easy and really made the photography aspect of our wedding great!

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