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Danniel & Denise

Denise and Danniel are a perfect match. While meeting with these two last year to start planning their wedding, I noticed they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. They were too busy being lost in their own eyes to pay attention to the photo plan I was trying to put in place. This is a good thing. This meant we were going to capture some great pictures on their wedding day! Fast forward to last weekend and it was now time to put our plan in place and get these guys married!

After some getting ready photos with both groups, we brought everyone together on the outdoor deck of the Exchange for our fist look. I love taking pictures from this roof top. Portland sits comfortably in the background and the city skyline makes for a beautiful setting. What a great way to start our formal session! Since we were looking for a little variety with our photos, we also planned for part of shoot to take place on the East Side Esplanade. With our first look in the books, we headed out to the waterfront for some quick shots with just the bride and groom before the ceremony. The hazy afternoon provided us with wonderful soft light to work with leaving us with nothing but fun pictures to take… Yes!

With our pre-wedding session all but wrapped up, we headed back to the Exchange to tie the knot and make this official. Friends and family gathered from all over to witness these two coming together. Lots of folks even traveling from as far away as Brazil to celebrate, so fun! And celebrate they did! This group definitely showed off their dance moves as the party buzzed all night! I had a such great time capturing memories with everyone and wish nothing but the best for Denise and Danniel… Congratulations to the Rolfe’s!

September 3, 2015 Comments (0) Exchange Ballroom

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