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Danika & Ralf {Abernethy Center}

The word Awesome came up a lot during this wedding. Ralf’s sister’s toast was quite simply, ”Here’s to Awesomeness!!”. I think that word more than adequately described their wedding day. Summers in Oregon are usually full proof but this year was a little of a gamble. Meeting before the wedding, Ralf said that he just wants it to be about 80 degrees and sunny. He needs to find a career as a weatherman or fortune teller because he was dead on. They both got ready at the Abernethy Center’s new Groom and Bridesmaids Rooms. It was great catching all the fun the two groups were having. Danika’s crew was far from meek as everyone was celebrating the day with utmost enthusiasm. Getting her dress on, while stressful for some, was almost like a comedy routine complete with belly laughter. After that adventure was done, it was time for toasts. At the Ralf camp, there was equal excitement. A lot of high fives, funny photos and a poker game. When the time came for the big ceremony…each group put their game faces on and it was go time. After the ceremony, Ralf celebrated with an apt fist pump. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took some great photographs on a bluff overlooking the river. After that was completed, it was time to party. Dancing, Toasting….a controversial Cake Cutting and it was time to call it a night for the wedding and for the couple to welcome a new beginning of there lives together. Here’s to Awesomeness!!

August 4, 2011 Comments (0) Abernethy Center

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