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Danielle & Marcos

It’s amazing what weddings can do. Weddings will bring people from around the world for one common goal, to celebrate the love and start of a new family. I am often in awe of how couples come to be. Sometimes it’s friends or the internet or pure happenstance. Danielle and Marcos met in school which doesn’t sound to out of the ordinary. Except that Marcos is from Spain. I just think of all the things that had to go right in order for Danielle and Marcos to meet. He had to go to the right school and she had to go to the right school etc, etc. Not many people can say that their love spans continents and oceans and cultures. I remember meeting with them before the wedding and Marcos and I went on a little tangent on how things were different in Portland than his home town. How the vibe was different and the weather etc. Through all this change, this starting a new life one thing has remained constant has been their unconditional love. That was pretty much the ongoing theme of the day. It was mentioned during the ceremony and during the speeches during the reception. Even though some things were said in Spanish…people got the gist. The Reserve was the backdrop to their wedding day and it was beautifully fitting. Congratulations to Danielle and Marcos!

Wedding at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club

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August 26, 2016 Comments (0) Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club

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