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Dan & Rachelle { Columbia Edgewater Golf Club }

There are some clues to see how people feel about each other. Certain physical actions that can tell you all you need to know about people. I saw the interactions between Dan and Rachelle and I knew….I knew how they felt. The way Rachelle looked at Dan during their wedding day, it was pure joy, it was pure love. First off, I’d like to thank them for having me shoot their wedding. These two were so easy going and relaxed and made working on a very hot day so enjoyable. Sometimes, I get really lucky and the couples I work with make it easy for me. We started at the beautiful, beautiful St. Patrick’s Church in Northwest. The stone work there is breath taking. I love old churches so this was a joy to photograph. I walked up to Rachelle and the rest of the girls in the parking lot. They were trying to figure out how to get into the church. Usually, this can cause anxiousness, maybe some frantic calls but Rachelle was as cool as can be. She even laughed about it. There was a little mishap with the lighting of the candles but the candle lighters took it in stride and were even subject to some light hearted applause. During the ceremony, even the priest clued the crowd into Dan’s affinity to the Ducks and Rachelle’s allegiance to the Cougs. After the ceremony, we jumped in my car and went out to Cathedral Park. We got some great shots in some even better light. We then jumped back into the car, cranked up the AC and we were off to the party. DJ Mo Funk was on the ones and twos and he kept the party going while Dan and Rachelle and I were taking more photos. Yes I was tired and yes it was very hot but I could have not asked for a better day. Congrats to Dan and Rachelle, if your wedding day is any indication of your lives together, it’s going to rock!

Reception at Columbia Edgewater Country Club.

From the couple :-)

Fantastic! Couldn’t have been happier. Have recommended to every soon-to-be-married friend.

 Mike memorized every name of everyone in the bridal party and immediate family! That’s crazy! I had family members coming up to me and telling me how attentive Mike was. He even made it through 100 degree heat without any complaints in a church with no AC.

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