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Connie & Kevin

One of the perks about being a wedding photographer is you get to travel. Living and working in the Portland area usually means traveling involves various spots in and around Oregon and Washington. Connie and Kevin have been to Puerto Vallarta a few times and love it. For their wedding celebration they decided there was no place they would rather be than Mexico. Yes! Which way to the beach?!

Le Kliff is just south of Puerto Vallarta and the venue Connie and Kevin choose to tie the knot. The setting was amazing and unlike any wedding area I’ve ever seen. As soon as I met these guys at the venue prior to the wedding day I was ready to rock. This party was going to be epic and as long as the rains stayed away for the evening, we were going to get some killer sunset pictures. Since we were in the rainy season, things were definitely on the warmer side with high humidity. Outside of a little extra back and knee sweat from our groom, things were perfect! And yes, knee sweat does exist!

Thank you so much to Connie and Kevin for inviting my wife and I down to be a part of your adventurous wedding celebration. This wedding day was truly a unique experience and something we’ll never forget. The pictures we captured were awesome, can’t wait for friends and family to see them. Salud to the bride and groom!

July 8, 2016 Comments (0) Puerta Vallarta

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