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Chandra & Timothy {McMenamins Edgefield}

Timothy and Chandra are one of the sweetest couples and their Thursday evening wedding at Edgefield was just as sweet. Surrounded by their family and friends Tim and Chandra had an intimate wedding in the meadow then moved into Blackberry Hall for a delicious meal and some celebrating!

From the bride :-) :
Everything was great you always got back to us in a timely fashion.

Laurel was awesome! she knew what she was doing, she knew what we wanted even though we might have known it, she helped us stay organized and have a timeline to stick to. Very nice and personable and yet very professional we loved her!

She was great, she made this whole process so easy she knew what she was doing she knew how longs things took, even though we were very uncomfortable at our engagement session she knew how to make it fun and a lot less weird. she had a vision for our wedding and she went with it which was great because we didnt, we kinda need that push and she gave us that. it was nice that she had worked with our DJ before because it really makes life a lot better when our vendors know and work well with eachother. She takes really amazing pictures and she deserves it for her hard work, you are lucky to have her apart of your team!

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