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Celeste & Josh

There are a couple phrases to describe when everything falls into place. ”The A-Ha Moment” or ”Epiphany” or ”The Moment it Clicks”. The last one being my favorite of course. I would use that to describe my experience with Josh and Celeste. After meeting with them the first time, it just seemed like I was meant to photograph their wedding. After the Engagement Session I felt even stronger about it. It was funny because everything just made sense, everything felt as if it was supposed to be like that. Up to the wedding weekend. Saturday was not so great and Monday was downright terrible weather up at the mountain. On the wedding day, blue skies, mildly cold, no rain or wind. It was amazing. As I was driving up I wanted to stop and snap some shots of the surroundings because it was so pristine. Everyone was so happy that day. I think the officiant said it best as Celeste’s dad escorted her to the altar. She said, ”Who needs a symphony when you have the sound of the babbling brook and the breeze through the trees.” It was the perfect setting. After the ceremony and a couple family photos we continued up the mountain to Timberline Lodge. We had a couple of minutes while guests were still checking in to take some photos of the amazing sunset bouncing it’s warm beams of light on a freshly white canvas of snow. Even though it was a little chilly, Celeste and Josh braved the elements and we had a great time. We then went inside to warm temperatures. After some eating, speaking, dancing, cake smashing, drinking and laughing, we decided to go outside once again for a few photos on a ski lift. I will say it was the first time I’ve ever been on a ski lift without something strapped to my feet but it was well worth it. At the end of the night, a few friends ended up at the bar with a country band playing and there was more eating, laughing and drinking. This day was an awesome experience and I would like to thank Josh and Celeste for giving me a glimpse into their amazing circle of friends and family. ”The Billies are alright…”

From the couple :-)
It was super easy to negotiate our way through the wedding photography process. Once we decided to go with you guys, I didn’t have to worry about anything. THat was a great relief.

Mike was amazing. On a day were many things didn’t go well for me, Mike was like a bright light. He just did everything right and pushed us into scenarios we might have missed without him. I’ve had lots of comments on how great he was.

Our wedding didn’t follow the normal patner, nor did we fit the normal mold. Mike was super flexible and really got to know us and what we wanted. Unlike many people we dealt with in the bridal business who struggled to understand our concept, Mike totally embraced us. He got all the shots we wanted and knew the names of all our family members. Looking back at the day, he really is one of the great things.

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