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Caleb & Toni

Time to keep it 100. I listen to Taylor Swift. I do. I like her stuff and the songs are catchy. If you dare say that they aren’t catchy you are lying to yourself and you need to start looking in the mirror and reevaluating your life choices. I also like weddings with style. Photographing over 400 weddings I’ve seen it all….well, almost. This year in particular has been eye opening to say the least. I appreciate the ones that do it differently. Caleb and Toni’s wedding was just that. They had their wedding with their own flare, their own style. Coincidentally Taylor Swift has a song out now called style. That, folks is what you call a tie in. You are welcome. Let’s get back to Toni and Caleb’s day. I loved their Rockabilly themed wedding….I like that era in history. I like the music, I like the cars, I like the clothes. I half expected to see John Travolta and Olivia Newton John on the guest list. Toni did it up proper though. Hair with the Victory Curls and her dress, she definitely dressed the part and it was awesome. The thing about their wedding day including the toasts, friends and family is that it all seemed 100% genuine. Everyone there was happy for the couple. The easiness between Toni and Caleb genuinely showed their love. It was a great day!

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