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Brian & Jaime

I was so excited for Brian and Jaime’s engagement session as they wanted to include Jaime’s horse. The weather was threatening to rain us out, but at the last minute it cleared up and we were met with an epic sunset! I met them out at Crescendo Farms and Jaime warned me that her mare might be a little difficult to work with as she can be “a pill”. But that horse proved her wrong and was as good as gold. I perfected my little clucking sound to get her attention… so much so that even after the horse went back to her stall I was clucking at Brian and Jaime subconsciously to get them to look at my camera. LOL! Who knew that it works for people too! We had such a fun time together and I am SO looking forward to their wedding day!

October 15, 2016 Comments (0) Engagement Sessions

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