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Branden & Holly { Troutdale House }

I’ll have to admit that I have seen some episodes of America’s next top model but for research purposes only. Apparently, Holly has as well! Throughout the day she wanted to capture some of those “moves”. Shooting Brandon and Holly’s wedding at the Troutdale House was a lot of fun. Starting out with the guys smoking cigars which came via a hidden compartment in their groomsmen flasks was pretty awesome. The girls were also ready to go with their own version of flare. We had the benefit of some rustic rail road tracks at the rear of the property as well as the caboose from the train museum. It was definitely in the plans to utilize both to the fullest extent. Opting not to see each other before, we separated the two groups and had our way with the surroundings. Some of the railroad shots were awesome. Now the “model” shots at the caboose with Holly were awesome too. I loved that she wanted to have fun with her photos. After all the photos were done, it was time for the main event. The ceremony was beautifully conducted and the newlyweds galloped into the sunset. Not so fast, we had more photos to do and the attitude that Holly brought, Brandon equally brought. Then it was time to boogie. The ringbearers… they had some moves. Holly and the girls had some moves too. They busted out Gangnam Style properly. Oh yeah… I forgot to mention Holly’s sister’s rap/maid of honor speech. Oh yes she did. I had a great time and by the looks of it, so did the couple. Whoop it Gangnam Style!!!

From the couple :-)

We had a very positive experience with powers, from the first meeting with Ben, to the big day with our photographer, even Erin was very helpful with all my questions.

Our photographer was very easy to get along with he made us feel very comfortable and thought it was nice that all we had to do is say “oh we want this picture” and with a click of the camera we had it, thank you mike for amazing pictures.

He made us feel special and that IT REALLY WAS ALL ABOUT US that day and any picture we wanted he made sure to take them so we knew we would get the style we wanted.

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  1. holly watkins says:

    Your Commentsi seriously love every single one of our pictures our wonderful photographer took at our wedding, he new just the right ways to use the landscape to inhance our photos and not only make every person look great, but the background as well, thank you mike.

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