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Brad & Caiti

One is the loneliest number, it takes two to tango, three’s company and nine is……awesome. What other number do we have that is not only three threes but also serves as a definitive and powerful no…in German? We have 9 planets, 9 lives, 9 strikes in an inning, cloud 9, and we should party like it’s 1990…..9. In Portland we also have the Nines Hotel where Brad and Caiti are getting married. Is there a cooler number? Nine!! Later on that evening Caiti’s father expounded upon her keen sense of style. I can tell you that her dress was a perfect 9 out of 10 if nine was a Unicorn that did your taxes, brought you coffee and fed you ice cream while ten was just the number ten, you make the judge of which you would rather have. I’ve been doing this a long time and I don’t know who did Caiti’s hair but whoever it is I’d like to shake their hand because Caiti had the smoothest hair I’ve ever seen. Looking through my viewfinder I could not find one hair out of place. It was amazing. When it was about time to do the first look I could see that Brad was feeling it a little. He was excited to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day and it showed. As I was getting him ready he talked about how he and Caiti discussed her wedding dress and how she would giggle a little when mentioning it. A short elevator ride up and I was at Caiti’s door ready to get this whole shabang officially started. The staircase leading from the Atrium to the ballroom did so much justice to Caiti’s dress. As she flowed down the steps, her dress akin to fog moving out to the ocean from the forest, gently carressing the trees and all their bumps and undulations slowly making it’s way home. That moment. Crescendos in life where everything is at it’s peak. I believe Brad seeing Caiti was one of those moments. That’s what is so special about wedding days. There are a multitude of crescendos in one day. I can’t say for certain but from the look on Brad’s face after Caiti asked him to turn around I’m pretty sure the following lyrics where going in his head: “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never going to turn around and desert you”. After taking a slew of photos of Brad and Caiti and friends it was time for another crescendo. Brad had the awesome idea to be super efficient during the ceremony to have Mike, his best man, also do the officiating of the ceremony as well. The ceremony was short and sweet and just like that a new Mr. and Mrs. entered the world. East Cost, West Coast, no Coast people came from all over to witness the start of Caiti and Brad’s forever. DJ OG-One from Paradox Productions was definitely setting the tone for the rest of the night. Brad and Caiti danced to Pearl Jam, the toasts were great, the vibe was awesome. It was a great day and a great couple, I wont even hold Brad’s love for bubble baths against him. Congrats to Brad and Caiti!!

Wedding at The Nines

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