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Audelia and Zach {Vista Hills Vineyard}


I met Audelia and Zach way before the wedding. I think I met them about a year and a half before the day. Being students, they wanted to get all the stuff out of the way so that they could truly enjoy the day. In hindsight I would say that they accomplished their mission because everyone had a lot of fun that day including me. The wedding was held at the beautiful Vista Hills Vineyard in Dayton. I have photographed this location so many times I can walk the property blindfolded if needed. After all this time, it’s still one of my favorites because of its simplistic grandeur. Being another cultural wedding I was psyched and showed up way early because I was just ready to start. Audelia’s dress was beautiful and after taking some photos of it, it was time for her to put it on and to meet her groom. We had the first look by the reflective pond and it was spectacular. Even if he wouldn’t admit it I think Zach was a little nervous. I can always tell by the amount of fidgetiness that is going on. After the couple had some alone time, we were off to take a flurry of photographs. From relatives from Israel to California, I photographed as many as I could. After the awesome ceremony we took some quick shots then it was off to the reception which was equally filled with joy, energy and excitement. It even included a bouquet toss assist from the DJ. Weddings are so much fun to be at.

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