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Andrew & April

Hmmmmmm, what do you get when you combine a horse, a llama, wicked dance moves and Hawaiian food? An awesome party. I traveled up into the faraway land of Washington to document this beautiful love celebration. Instead of going through the whole day, even though it was freaking awesome I want to concentrate on a couple of key spots. After the speeches and toasts were all done and the delicious NoHo’s food was consumed there was just the most beautiful light cascading down through the valley. It was so fitting for April and Andrew. It was so simple…so uncomplicated as a golden hue took over and washed over me and the couple as we walked to take some more photos. It was simply stunning and I am so very happy that April, Andrew and I got to share it. Then…well, then came the horse who proceeded to blow his nose on April’s dress. April just rolled with it which was super impressive as most brides may have lost it. It was so typical them though…just rolling with whatever came their way making their day as perfect to them as they were perfect for each other. April and Andrew, you got what you deserved…a wonderful, simply lovely wedding day. Congrats!

Wedding at Husum Highlands Bed and Breakfast

From the couple:

“Our photographer was perfect for us. Powers matched us with him based on our feedback and we couldn’t be more thankful. It really does work! He was on time and professional, felt like our friend, and asked us questions that would help him understand what type of photos we wanted.”

August 26, 2014 Comments (0) Husum Highlands Bed and Breakfast

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