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Andrea & Malcolm {Gray Gables Estate}

90 degrees for a wedding isn’t really pleasant. If you are from Scotland and in town for a 90 degree wedding….it’s miserable. Yet, nothing could dampen Andrea and Malcolm’s mood on their wedding day. The first time we worked together, it was polar opposites of their wedding day. We were freezing getting shots on the Burnside Bridge for their Engagement Session. Kilts were abound as Malcolm and his party dressed the part. Beautiful bagpipes announced the families and bridal party in for the ceremony at the Gray Gables Estate. After the ceremony, stories of 8 hour drives from the airport to Beaverton flew around. Tears were shed and phrases like, ”Did you get that from your purse?” were shared amongst men. It was an honor to bear witness to loving families and a loving couple.


From the couple:

Generally everything with Powers was really great. Mike was fantastic, he was so helpful and worked very well with all of the extended family.  We all were very happy with how quickly both Mike and Briena worked and how professional they both were at the wedding.  The pictures were very important to me and I was very happy with how much work they both put into it. Mike really went far beyond what was expected of him.  We were very pressed for time (plus weddings never seem to run on schedule) and I know he was doing all he could to make sure he got all the pictures on the shot list I gave him.  I really appreciated all that he did, especially keeping track of all the important shots and making sure to get them, even with limited time.  He was very pleasant to work with and got along well with everyone in our family.

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