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Adam & Chelsea

Let’s imagine there’s these two guys sitting down and their discussing a wedding. Imagine their two mystical types that can control or rather cook up an awesome wedding celebration. After all this is Portland and things are kind of weird here so why not right? Let’s call them Hank and Will. Hank: “Yeah man….that wedding was pretty crazy…an elegant clown came out of nowhere and started making abstract balloon animals, but I got to say that Griffin was on point.” Will: “That is nuts…good job, so let’s discuss Chelsea and Adam’s wedding coming up in August.” Hank:”Ok…..let’s start with the weather, because who doesn’t like talking about the weather, hey oooooo!” Will: “Hmmmmm, first off what you did at the end….don’t do that anymore and second..I think the weather should be pretty awesome…I mean we planned a mini heat wave for the other weddings happening before theirs so let’s give them the goods…so blue skies, punchy white clouds and a slight breeze?” Hank: “Exactly what I was thinking…I mean it is going to be at the Oregon Golf Course so might as well make it great, right?” Will: “Totally agree…can you pass the humus?” Hank: “Sure….it’s really good…anyways, so what should the crew be wearing?” Will: “Well…I’m really liking the gray suit deal right now…oh, let’s have the girls wear a soft pink and have the guy’s ties matching!”. Hank:”Sweet….I have a good feeling about this…aaaannnnndddd……let’s have the ring bearers be in a simpler version of the guys…I mean Asher, Chelsea and Adam’s son is going to be in the wedding so…he has to look cute and what is cuter than a kid in grown up clothes?” Will:”The only thing cuter would be baby animals in human clothes and the baby pandas are off that week, so kids in grown up clothes are a win.” Hank:”Chelsea’s dress…..should be strapless, medium train with baroque?” Will: “Winner, winner crayfish dinner!” For those reading this…Will is Cajun. Will:”I really want to drop the hammer on this one, so how are we going to accomplish that?” Hank:”Well…..oh, I got it…let’s have Asher be pushed by Cameron in a little white buggy down the aisle with a sign that says “Here Comes Mommy”.” Will:”Who Dat!!!” Hank:”Wait….wait, what’s the back story?” Will: “Hmmm…..Ashley is Adam’s Sister but also…stay with me now, Chelsea’s best friend and that’s how Adam knows Chelsea.” Hank: “Mic drop….that’s killer…oh…so now, Ashley always wanted a sister liker her BFF and now they ARE sisters!” Will:”Yeah, you right!” Hank:”Ok…is Adam going to cry?” Will:”Hmmmm, good question…..I’ll say this…he’ll drop one solitary tear sometime during the ceremony but it could also be a drop of sweat from the Sun….that’s a mystery.” Hank:”Dat Voodoo that you do.” Will:”for such an important event we need someone to keep the troops in check, oui?” Hank:”I have the perfect person, Wanda is organized, speaks her mind and is a part of the family.” Will:”Ayeeee…dis wedding starting to sound like my momma’s gumbo….so good….let’s have Shawn and Event Team DJ the whole thing to blow the socks off the event.” Hank:”You know it….and the the guests and bridal party will have some pretty epic dance moves to go along with the music.” Will:”Well…we are having them do a special move on their way in for the ceremony so it’s only fitting they can Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez (let the good times roll).” Hank:”Yaaasss….so who should we have photograph the whole thing?” Will:”Hmmm….let’s have dat one dude with the camera and the bald spot from Powers Studios do it.” Hank:”………..ok.” Will:”I think we got the Crayfish Etoufee of weddings here, Hank.”No doubt.” Will:”hashtag Boo Yaa!”

Chelsea and Adam’s wedding was a sight to see. So much fun, laughter, love and crazy awesome dance moves…I’m looking at you Brad. Congratulations to Adam and Chelsea and Asher!

Wedding at The Oregon Golf Club

August 31, 2016 Comments (0) Oregon Golf Club

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