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Adam & Birgit

Wow Birgit and Adam’s wedding reception at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, now that is what I call a fun party. Everyone having fun, being loud, acting silly but in the best of ways. This was the tone for the whole day. Everyone coming together, enjoying each other’s company, and having an epically good time. I guarantee you so many future conversations among these friends will start with “Remember that time at Birgit and Adam’s wedding…” – and this will be a great thing. Memories were made, especially good ones, and I’m stoked I was there to help capture it. Also a big shout out to Justin from Paradox Productions. I love working with that guy, he can turn a mediocre reception into a hopping party, and send an already great party (like this one) into orbit.

Their bridal party was totally awesome. Supportive, calming, and also a bit crazy at times. The perfect mix in my opinion. Birgit works for Nike, so as gifts, everyone in the bridal party got custom made shoes, which they rocked for dinner and on the dance floor.

Birgit and Adam are in love, that’s a given, but what I find inspiring is the depth of which they care for one another. You can see it when they look at each other, at how comfortable they are. How safe they make each other feel. I see this and it makes me happy. A big big congratulations to you both!

Wedding at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

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