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Dani & Nathaniel EdenVale Winery

EdenVale Winery July 17, 2019

When the opportunity came up to photograph Dani & Nathaniel’s wedding at EdenVale Winery I could not pass it up. For starters, Southern Oregon...

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Jamie & Jeremiah at Oregon City Christian

Oregon City Christian July 13, 2019

“Baby, the sun is shinin’ Dogwoods are comin’ in bloom Put on your white dress Yeah ’cause, oh baby, it’s a good day for...

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Jennifer and Casey

Engagement Sessions July 7, 2019

Romance is alive, and Jennifer and Casey are living proof. There was hardly a moment between kisses and cuddles with these two, and it made for a really...

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Christina & Richard at Zenith Vineyard

Zenith Vineyard July 5, 2019

Christina and Richard’s wedding at Zenith Vineyards was a beautiful and elegant affair. Richard was looking mighty dapper, and Christina was nothing...

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Anna & Madison at Wallowa Lake State Park

Wallow Lake State Park Wallowa Lake State Park July 1, 2019

There are times in your photography career when every moment of your shoot goes perfect, Anna and Madison’s wedding day was undoubtedly one of those...

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Jennifer & Michael

Engagement Sessions July 1, 2019

Jennifer and Michael wanted to include their dog Roscoe in the engagement photos so they chose a park he is familiar with. I hadn’t been to Rood...

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Angie & Ryan

Engagement Sessions July 1, 2019

What a gorgeous sunset engagement shoot with Angie and Ryan! It was such a pleasure to get to know this amazing couple and witness their undeniable love...

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Andrea & Craig at Ainsworth House & Gardens

Ainsworth House & Gardens June 29, 2019

Andrea and Craig celebrated with family and friends at the Ainsworth house in Oregon City and everything went perfect. From the sunny day, to the gorgeous...

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Barbara & Hernan

Engagement Sessions June 21, 2019

Barbara and Hernan are getting married! What an amazing and laughter filled engagement session(s) we had! This couple is so much fun to be around, not to...

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Sam & Nicole at Ainsworth House & Gardens

Ainsworth House & Gardens June 21, 2019

Sam & Nicole had a beautiful wedding on a blustery North West day in May at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Family traveled from near and far to...

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Khurram & Veronica at the the West End Ballroom

West End Ballroom June 18, 2019

Khurram and Veronica are married! The couple tied the knot at the historic West End Ballroom with many blessings and congratulations from their loving...

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Mckenzie & Jerett at Green Villa Barn

Green Villa June 17, 2019

After almost 16 years together, Jerett surprised Mckenzie with a Christmas proposal. And of course she said YES! Not long after they were joined by their...

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Elizabeth & Chris at St. Josef’s Winery

St. Josef's Winery June 15, 2019

It was another fantastic day working with Elizabeth and Chris. This time there was the added excitement… because now they are married. You could...

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Abby & Austin

Engagement Sessions June 14, 2019

Abby and Austin love the outdoors and they love wine so we chose to do their engagement session at a vineyard. I can’t think of a better way to...

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Amanda & Paul

Engagement Sessions June 11, 2019

Amanda and Paul originally planned to get married at Cathedral Park but things didn’t quite work out to make that happen. So when we were chatting...

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Kayla & Kayla

Engagement Sessions June 11, 2019

Kayla proposed to Kayla at this very park last year. We revisited all those memories this year. And next year they will make it official. They are fun,...

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Lynsey & Kenny at Langdon Farms

Langdon Farms June 6, 2019

I love it when my couples step outside the box of traditional wedding details and just do what they want. That is exactly what Lynsey and Kenny did. Yummy...

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Alex & Kabrina the West End Ballroom

West End Ballroom June 6, 2019

Alex and Kabrina brought classy to the West End Ballroom for a glorious and heartfelt wedding of their two families. After a year planning, everything...

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Nia & Zakk at the West End Ballroom

West End Ballroom June 5, 2019

Nia and Zakk are married!! Wow, what an amazing couple! This gorgeous Sunday wedding at the West End Ballroom was one for the books! The weather was...

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Jenn & Megan

Engagement Sessions May 29, 2019

What a perfect evening for an engagement session at Zenith Vinyard! Megan, Jenn and I strolled the grounds with their two adorable pups, stopping to take...

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Kathryn & Sean

Engagement Sessions May 24, 2019

We strolled through Cathedral Park for Kathryn and Sean’s engagement session. From the river front to the train tracks to the St Johns bridge...

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Jennifer & Thomas

Engagement Sessions May 11, 2019

Jennifer and Thomas are getting married!! I had such a wonderful afternoon with this lovely couple! They were so willing to try out any pose and even...

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Elizabeth & Chris

Engagement Sessions May 10, 2019

Through the rain, through the sunshine and behind the waterfall Elizabeth and Chris only focused on each other. ..exactly as it should be. I am super...

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William & Panchajany at The World Forestry Center

World Forestry Center April 30, 2019

Will and Panchajany’s beautiful wedding ceremony was held at the World Forestry Center on a perfect sunny day. The happy couple was surrounded by...

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DeLoriea Family

Family Sessions April 26, 2019

Thalia is 1! In true Oregon spring fashion, the forecast was pouring rain for our family session day, so outside was probably not a good option. Instead,...

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Sarah & Vy at West End Ballroom

West End Ballroom April 24, 2019

Sarah and Vy are married, and what a wonderful celebration it was! The feeling of love from all of their guests filled the West End Ballroom to the brim!...

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The Nelson Family

Family Sessions April 17, 2019

What a perfect afternoon for a family photo session at the Nelson family house! Penelope and Bennet welcomed there new baby brother! Such a beautiful...

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Lynsey & Kenny

Engagement Sessions April 15, 2019

Lynsey and Kenny are the cutest. I don’t think they stopped smiling or laughing the whole shoot. Their happiness is obvious. I can’t wait to work with...

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Shannon & Alek

Engagement Sessions April 12, 2019

I am so glad Shannon and Alek decided to do an engagement session before their wedding. Not only does it give them a chance to calm their nerves but it...

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Aaron & Lauren at The West End Ballroom

West End Ballroom April 2, 2019

I truly enjoyed being a part of Lauren and Aaron’s wedding day. They are such a sweet couple and every detail, every guest, every aspect of their day...

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