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Wedding Planning: Engagement Shoot Day!

As mentioned in my last post, we chose our outfit the night before so day-of we didn’t have to worry. The hard part was reminding myself the decision was made – no takebacksies!


After work, I went home and did my hair and make up. I only did a touch more eye make up than a normal day because I wanted them to pop a bit more, but really just wanted to look like myself. **If scheduling works out, this is a great time to do your hair and make up trial!**


One thing my fiance and I are trying to do through this wedding planning process is celebrate every little decision/event to keep it fun. So before the shoot, we popped a bottle of champagne! Ok…so this was not just to celebrate…we are not models, the last time I got my photos professionally taken was for senior portraits, and the idea of spending an hour in front of the camera being posed was nerve racking…so a little bit of bubbly was necessary to loosen us up!


Before the shoot we asked our photographer to let us know if we looked awkward, help us pose, and give us any tips! She said she was going to help us pose, but encouraged us to take her loose direction and just be ourselves so she could capture our relationship on a more natural level.


She tried a lot of different poses/angles. Some were a bit awkward and others were very natural. If you are uncomfortable or have feedback during the shoot for your photographer do let them know! This is not offensive to them, they ultimately want you to be comfortable and get the best photos. Engagement shoots specifically are not only to get great photos but for the photographer to learn more about you and your preferences. Which brings me to my Studio Tip!


**Studio Tip**:

Communicate to your photographer, they are not mind readers!

Some couples are really comfortable or do not want feedback in front of the camera so if you do want it, ask for it! And vice versa.

If there is a way your hair or outfit HAS to be in every shot you need to let them know thats your expectation.

If you have a specific shot in mind, tell them!


We had a lot of fun on our shoot, lots of hand holding, smooches, and smiles. Definitely built my confidence for the wedding day and highly recommend doing one!


Next post: getting the photos back!


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