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Vanessa & Johnnie {The Red Barn}

Sometimes we as photographers get lucky. We meet people who are supposed to be our ”clients” but very quickly become our friends. I was actually first introduced to Vanessa’s family when I was planning to shoot her sisters wedding. Meeting Ken and Mary at the 1st wedding I was instantly amazed by how loving and happy they were for their children. The wedding went great and I was sooo looking forward to the next wedding when I could again hang out with the family. I was so happy driving up to the venue. I knew given our adventure at the Engagement Session that today was going to be great. Everyone come up to me and made me feel even more apart of the family. Handshakes are for strangers….let’s just say hugs all around. The ceremony was full of laughter and tears. After a couple of photos it was time to party. I think a perfect example of how the family operated was when Vanessa not only had a dance to honor Ken her dad but also a dance to honor Mary her mom. I could go on and on but it was such a great experience. It days like this that I really, really count my blessings. I wish they had more siblings so we could keep this party going on! A heartfelt congratulations to Johnnie and Vanessa and also a thank you for enriching my life.

From the Bride :-) :
A 10!!! You guys are amazing from the start to finish. Could not have found a better company or photographer to capture our wedding day!

MONEY MIKE!! He is just that, MONEY! Love that guy, wish we had more reasons to use him. Love everything that he does, is, etc.That guys is EVERYWHERE! He is so dedicated and fun. He made the entire experience so relaxed and easy. Not only do we love him, but my family and everyone he came in contact with at our wedding does too. We get comments on how amazing he is all the time.

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  1. Wow! Amazing! Congratulations to the couple. Thanks for sharing your perfect moment with us.

  2. Katie Zuniga says:

    I had a “client” this year that became a friend very quickly. The mother of the bride and I bonded so much that we both cried when we had to say good bye. She promised that I would be the only one she called with her other two daughters. Isn’t it great to work in such a wonderful industry!!

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